How Are We Different?

Too often networking events involve people of similar age, experience and sector. This can mean navigating a room full of people, trying to make your own connections. Or often, just chatting to the faces you know. Easy for some, hell for others. We believe there’s a better way. That by giving each event a clear focus, we’ll be giving people a clear reason to attend.

So at each event we have a speaker, someone inspiring, successful, perhaps a leader in their field, talking on issues such as diversity, mentoring and personal branding. Their short talk then provides the discussion point for break out groups which we organise people into. So everyone has the chance to share their views, talk about their experience and listen to others.

We aren’t about those who’ve ‘made it’ telling the younger ones how it’s done. Nor are we about bright young things educating the ‘has-beens’. The way we see it everyone has something to learn. And everyone is expected to contribute.

Because we strongly feel that we can learn just as much, if not more, from someone in a different sector, or of a different generation, as we can from someone a few levels above us in our own profession. Building bridges in this diverse way could also ease the challenge many of us face when it comes to making a career transition to a different sector.

From engineers to educationalists, from PAs to Partners, from young to old, our events will connect you with professionals you don’t usually come across but who give you a whole new insight into your career.We are more engaging, focused and inclusive than any networking organisation we know. Why? Because we’re tired of making time to go to the latest networking event only to find we get absolutely nothing from it. A catch-up with old colleagues. A (warm) glass of white wine perhaps. But no take away value. Zero impact. Maybe you know the feeling? 

So with Lift As You Climb we’ve created something different. We encourage everyone to contribute to our events. How do we do this? By bringing you engaging, well-structured events which you’re expected to get stuck into. Each one focuses on a themed talk given by a speaker who’s a leader in their field. We then put everyone into break-out groups where you can talk about the topic, share your own experiences and learn from others. A brilliant, dynamic, diverse mix of professionals from all walks of life. We believe that bringing together people of all ages, from all levels of experience, and across all sectors is the best way to support and inspire people in their careers. And that our events are so much more rewarding because everyone has a voice.

Pooling our experience and knowledge is the best way to inform ourselves about the world of work and our journey through it. Whether we’ve reached the top of our chosen profession or are just starting out, we can all learn from each other.

At Lift as You Climb, everyone is encouraged to bring something to the table. The concept is simple. As you climb, don’t forget to look back and reach out to help others succeed too

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands; one for helping yourself and one for helping others
— Maya Angelou